“Who will catch us when we fall? We don’t have an answer, so we stay far away from the ledge. Far from the possibility of failure or pain. Because falling without a safety net terrifies us. Never mind that we are equipped with wings on our backs, rusty from disuse. Wings we’ve had since childhood that have been clamped down so long we aren’t sure how to spring forth anymore. We fear they aren’t strong enough to carry us now, so we peek over the ledge at the lush growth and waterfall below, but we wouldn’t dare jump. Instead we toil responsibly at the life we’ve created. Far from the ledge… Who will catch me? I wondered again. My safety net severed. I descended into the unknown. But perhaps this was a gift in disguise. After all, sometimes we need a freefall to teach us how to fly.” Rebekah Lyons

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